President Trump isn’t sitting around waiting for multiple terror attacks before taking steps to help make America safer. During his brief press conference, Trump confirmed that he is already working to eliminate the State Department’s Diversity Visa program that brought the NYC terrorist to America and ironically, was the brainchild of Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). He’s also not shy about saying he’d be willing to send the NYC terrorist to GITMO. 

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would consider sending Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbek national who plowed a rented truck through a bike lane full of cyclists and pedestrians on Tuesday, to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
‘I would certainly consider that, yes. I would certainly consider that. Send him to Gitmo,’ Trump said.

Separately, Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John McCain, a Republican who has tangled with the president on taxes and Obamacare, said Saipov should be considered an ‘enemy combatant’ and denied Miranda rights by police.

The president also declared that he is already moving to terminate the State Department’s diversity-oriented visa lottery program, which granted Saipov entry into the United States in 2010.

‘I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. I’m going to ask Congress to immediately initiate or get rid of this program,’ he said.

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Trump called Saipov ‘an animal’ during remarks before a cabinet meeting at the White House.

‘He came in through the diversity program as you know, and we’re going to stop it,’ the president vowed.

On Capitol Hill, McCain said in a statement that Americans should recognize terror attacks as ‘acts of war.’

‘As such, the New York terror suspect should be held and interrogated – thoroughly, responsibly, and humanely– as an enemy combatant consistent with the Law of Armed Conflict,’ McCain added.

‘He should not be read Miranda Rights, as enemy combatants are not entitled to them. As soon as possible, the administration should notify Congress how it plans to proceed with the interrogation and trial of this suspect.’ –Daily Mail



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