President Trump toured the border of San Diego, California today to check out some of the wall prototypes:

“If you don’t have a wall system, we’re not going to have a country,” Trump said at the site of the prototypes. “There’s a lot of problems in Mexico. They have a lot of problems over there. And they have the cartels. And we’re fighting the cartels, and we’re fighting them hard. … But the fact is, if you don’t have a wall system, it would be bedlam, I imagine.”

“When we build, we want to build the right thing…We need safety and security at the border and we’re getting it, like we’ve never gotten it before.”

Please got to the 1:40 point for comments on the wall:

While he was there, he spoke with border patrol about what happened when a metal wall was put up. The border patrol officer said traffic was reduced by 95% after the wall was put up. President Trump reaffirmed that a wall is exactly what will stop illegals and said we need the wall. “For the people that say no walls…if you didn’t have walls over here, you wouldn’t have a country”


“The state of California is begging us to build walls in certain areas, they don’t tell you that.”

President Trump said Governor brown is doing a “poor job” for California. He mentioned the high taxes and that people are fleeing the state because of the taxes and for safety reasons.

“I think Governor Brown has done a very poor job running California.”

Getting the job done:

The White House put out this great meme defining a sanctuary city:

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