PRESIDENT TRUMP flew to storm ravaged New Bern, North Carolina to visit with and help the citizens there. He is his best when he’s talking directly to people. You can just see it in the pictures below.


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Hurricane Florence caused severe flooding and damage to the area that’s still trying to recover. FEMA Director Brock Long met with President Trump for a briefing before the president went out to look at the storm damage.

President Trump was part of a volunteer group that gave out containers of food to flood victims. It looks like the president really got into it…he’s handing a woman food in the photo below but it also looks like they’re having a conversation. She ends up taking a photo of the president from inside her car.

A young boy came up to President Trump with his arms stretched out for a hug and the president obliged with a bear hug. It was reported by Daily Mail that the president gave out lots of hugs to different people from Temple Baptist Church in New Bern. They said they’re praying for him.

President Trump called some of the flooding “epic” and said it’s hard to believe. He promised that everyone will be taken care of.

North Carolina Governor Rory Coopper reiterated what the president said about how they’ve never seen a storm like this with the severe flooding and how they would need the president’s help:

“It is a storm like no other. We’ve got a long road ahead, in the days in the months and even the years ahead to make sure we build back where we were in North Carolina. I know that we can come back stronger than ever, but we’re going to need your help.”

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