Drama queen Beto O’Rourke is throwing in the towel today in his run for president.

With his flailing arms and dramatic emphasis, Beto came on the scene displaying all of the bells and whistles to be the perfect poster child for Millennials. He rode a skateboard on stage, posed for a cool Vanity Fair photo spread, and filmed every little moment of his narcissistic existence. He covered all the bases, right? Not so fast. When it came down to substance, he was empty and inauthentic. He spoke so much but never really said anything.

Tucker Carlson described Beto best:

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He tried to tell Americans it was ok to abort a baby at any time and then proposed far-left gun control. In the end, those two topics were losers for O’Rourke.

The announcement was made this afternoon, but anyone with an ear to politics knew Beto would be gone soon.

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President Trump didn’t waste any time tweeting out a comment on the news:


Beto certainly wasn’t “born for this.”


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