President Trump is in Kentucky tonight for a rally, but the big news has to be the fantastic t-shirt people were wearing standing behind him.

Several young Trump supporters were on camera behind Trump wearing “Read the Transcript” t-shirts.

If there’s one message that needs to get across to Americans, it’s that the transcript of President Trump’s call is out there. He did nothing wrong.

“The American people are fed up with Democrat lies, hoaxes, slander. The Democrats’ outrageous conduct has created an angry majority that will vote the do-nothing Democrats the hell out of office soon!” – President Trump in Lexington, Kentucky

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The crowd chants, “Four more years!”

Senator Rand Paul spoke out to call on Congress to step up for President Trump:

“President Trump has great courage. He faces down the Fake Media every day.” “But Congress needs to step up and have equal courage to defend the President!” 


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