A dramatic scene played out at Trump Tower this evening. A fire engulfed a 50th floor apartment and several floors of the tower were engulfed in smoke.

The FDNY converged on the building with over 200 firefighters to find and put out the fire. Four firefighters were injured fighting the blaze and the occupant of the 50th floor apartment died after being rushed to the hospital.

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President Trump tweeted out reassurance and thanks after a four alarm fire sent over 200 NYPD firefighters to fight a huge blaze on the 50th floor of the Trump Tower:

The blaze broke out  just before 6pm.

Thick black smoke billowed out from Trump Tower as burning debris fell on Fifth Avenue.

Eric Trump Thanked the NYFD:


The male occupant of the apartment died after being transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in critical condition.

Four firefighters also sustained non-life threatening injuries.

During a press conference at the scene, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said ‘the apartment was virtually, entirely on fire’ when firefighters arrived according to NBC4.

‘They were knocking down the fire, they found one occupant,’ Nigro said. ‘He is in critical condition. He has been removed to St. Luke’s Hospital.’

‘This was a very difficult fire. As you can imagine, the apartment is quite large, we are 50 stories up. The rest of the building had a considerable amount of smoke. 200 Firefighters and EMS members are on scene.’

‘We found fire on the 50th floor of the building. The apartment was entirely on fire. Members pushed in heroically, they were knocking down the fire,’ Nigro added.

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