President Trump tweeted out this morning about the “conflicts of interest” with Mueller in the investigation on President Trump.

It’s no secret that Mueller is connected to the key players who were involved in spying on the president. In fact, Mueller and Comey have known each other for decades because they went to the same school. Yes, the Deep State is REALLY deep.

President Trump specifically mentions John Podesta in the first part of his tweet:

When Mueller does his final report, will he be covering all of his conflicts of interest in a preamble, will he be recommending action on all of the crimes of many kinds from those “on the other side”(whatever happened to Podesta?), and will he be putting in statements from…..

The second part of the tweet makes a good point that there was no collusion. He also asks a key question. Why weren’t hundreds who worked on Trump’s campaign interviewed by the Mueller team?

….hundreds of people closely involved with my campaign who never met, saw or spoke to a Russian during this period? So many campaign workers, people inside from the beginning, ask me why they have not been called (they want to be). There was NO Collusion & Mueller knows it!


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