The riots have nothing to do with George Floyd. In order to gain power, the militant left is burning cities across America to the ground.

What’s even worse is they are now trying to place the blame on “white nationalists” who they say have infiltrated the riots.

They realized that their plan to riot was making enemies and turning people away, so now they have decided to try and change the narrative.

Listen to this Minnesota official:

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President Trump sees the trend and tweeted out a warning that it was the leftist groups who were involved in this rioting:

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Remember in January the Bernie bros said they would “burn Milwaukee” and Cops are Gonna Be F**king Beaten”?

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released an undercover video clip of Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek discussing the violence they plan if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination. The entire video is at the bottom of this article.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Field Organizer:

“F*cking Milwaukee will burn” if Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic Nomination.

He also says this violence will spread to other cities when police push back.

Does the Bernie Sanders Campaign condone Violence?

The entire video is below:

This openly violent man believes Trump supporters should go to GULAGS! Another reason Americans should never give up their guns!

Anyone who has been watching the riots across America should know that the riots have been dominated by young black men who have been looting and destroying cities like Minneapolis and Atlanta. The lost generation of young men from the black community is nothing new, and it’s tragic, but it doesn’t give them the right to destroy their own community.

Looters from last night:

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