In his first aired discussion since interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson said at the 2024 World Governments Summit that Joe Biden is “senile” and his administration is “obviously incompetent.”

“I think that the current administration is very obviously incompetent, and the president is senile. That’s not an attack. Everyone knows it. It has now been confirmed, I would say, this week in the report that you’re all familiar with. And that’s very sad,” Carlson said.

“But it had sort of nothing to do with the interview. I wanted to interview Putin because he’s the leader of a country that the U.S. government is sort of at war with, though not in a declared way,” he continued.


In the video, Carlson referenced Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that said Joe Biden is an ‘elderly man with a poor memory.’

Special Counsel Cites ‘Elderly Age’ And ‘Poor Memory’ As Reasons NOT To Charge Joe Biden Over Classified Documents

In another clip, Carlson compared Joe Biden's competence with Vladimir Putin.

“If this were boxing, the fight would be called by the medic. And I say that as an American, and I don't have another passport. I don't plan to ever leave my country. My family's been there hundreds of years, and I love it," Carlson said.

“I am a patriotic American, and I grieve when I see that the president is non compos mentis (of unsound mind). And that in my country it is considered very rude to say that," he continued.

"And you sort of wonder, how did you get to a place where you have an incompetent president who's driven not simply the standard of living, but life expectancy downward and no one feels free to say that? That’s not a political observation. It’s a statement of fact, which is provable empirically," he added.


Carlson also explained to the audience he wanted to interview Putin because the U.S. government told him that he couldn't.

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“Why now? Well, I’ve been trying for three years to do this interview. The U.S. government prevented me from doing it by spying on my text messages and leaking them to The New York Times. And that spooked the Russian government into canceling the interview,” Carlson explained.

“My country’s intel services were working against me illegally, and that enraged me, because I’m an American citizen. I’m 54. I pay my taxes. I obey the law. And there was no expectation in the America that I grew up in that my government and its intel services, NSA and CIA, which were always outwardly focused on our foreign enemies, would be turned inward against American citizens,” he continued.

“And I’m shocked by that, and I’m infuriated by that. And so, once I discovered that that was happening, and I confirmed it was happening, and they admitted that they did it, then I was totally determined, monomaniacally dedicated to doing this interview,” he added.

Watch Tucker Carlson's full discussion at the World Governments Summit:

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