Former Fox News host and political commentator Tucker Carlson appeared at the 2024 World Governments Summit in Dubai following his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson explained why he wanted to interview Putin.

Because they told me I couldn’t,” Carlson said.

“Tucker is still infuriated that the U.S. government spied on him illegally and leaked his communications, which spooked the Russian government into canceling a previously planned interview with Putin,” The Vigilant Fox wrote.

“Why now? Well, I’ve been trying for three years to do this interview. The U.S. government prevented me from doing it by spying on my text messages and leaking them to The New York Times. And that spooked the Russian government into canceling the interview,” Carlson explained.


“My country’s intel services were working against me illegally, and that enraged me, because I’m an American citizen. I’m 54. I pay my taxes. I obey the law. And there was no expectation in the America that I grew up in that my government and its intel services, NSA and CIA, which were always outwardly focused on our foreign enemies, would be turned inward against American citizens,” he continued.

“And I’m shocked by that, and I’m infuriated by that. And so, once I discovered that that was happening, and I confirmed it was happening, and they admitted that they did it, then I was totally determined, monomaniacally dedicated to doing this interview,” he added.

Watch the clip shared by The Vigilant Fox:

Carlson also explained that his visits to other countries has been “radicalizing” for him.

“What was radicalizing, very shocking and very disturbing for me was the city of Moscow, where I’d never been, the biggest city in Europe, 13 million people, and it is so much nicer than any city in my country. I had no idea,” Carlson said.

“If you can’t use your subway, for example, as many people are afraid to in New York City because it’s too dangerous, you have to sort of wonder like, isn’t that the ultimate measure of leadership?” Carlson questioned.

“It’s radicalizing for an American to go to Moscow. I didn’t know that. I’ve learned it this week, to Singapore, to Tokyo, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, because these cities, no matter how we’re told they’re run and on what principles they’re run, are wonderful places to live that don’t have rampant inflation,” he continued.

If you missed Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, it’s nearing 200 million views on X.

Carlson listed his key takeaways from the interview:

The Vigilant Fox writes:

#1 – Putin is “very wounded” by the rejection of the West.

• “That’s the whole point of NATO, I guess, is to contain Russia. And Putin is wounded by this.”

#2 – “Russia is not an expansionist power.”

• “You have to be an idiot to think that. Russia is too big already. It’s the biggest landmass in the world. They only have 150,000,000 people.”

• They’ve Got more than enough natural resources. They’re swimming in natural resources. They don’t have enough people, in their view. So, the idea that they want to take over Poland, why would you want to do that? They just want secure borders.”

#3 – Putin likely wants peace in Ukraine

• “He was willing to admit that he wants a peace deal in Ukraine and sort of give it away and just say that out loud. He said it a couple of different times. Again, maybe he’s lying in ways I didn’t perceive, but he kept saying it, and I don’t know why he would say it if he didn’t mean it.”

• “As a matter of fact, there is evidence, overwhelming, that there was a peace deal, or part of a peace deal with the beginning of peace talks, a settlement of some sort on the table a year and a half ago that the former prime minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, scuttled on behalf of the Biden administration and convinced Zelensky and the Ukrainian government not to enter into these talks. I mean, that’s kind of an established fact. The Israelis were there. They revealed this. That happened.”

#4 – Demands for Russia to relinquish Crimea are insane.


• “U.S. officials have said on the record and have said to me and are telling a bunch of people that part of the terms have to be Russia giving up Crimea!”

• “Putin would go to war, nuclear war, if it came down to Crimea.”

• “If you really think that a condition of peace is that Putin is going to give up Crimea, then you’re like a lunatic!”

#5 – The U.S. has a poor track record with regime change.

• “We are run by nutcases. The President and that poisonous moron Victoria Nuland. ‘Oh, we’re going to depose Putin.’ Well, then what happens?”

• “What happened in Libya when we deposed and allowed, you know, Qaddafi to be murdered? What happened in Iraq when we brought Saddam to justice? Those countries fell apart, and they never been rebuilt again.”

• “In Afghanistan, we took out the central government, and they came back. It’s still run by the Taliban. So, our track record of knocking out the leader, which is very easy to do, is spotty at best. Things don’t always get better. And to do that to Russia, the largest landmass in the world with the largest nuclear arsenal, you’re on drugs if you think that’s a good idea.”

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