Tucker Carlson’s commentary tonight was spot on! He called out Paul Ryan’s double talk on immigration and explained how DACA is a losing proposition for President Trump. The shocker was the second part on immigration where he interviews Rep. Tim Ryan…A very revealing interview!

In second part of the segment on immigration you get spin from Democrat Tim Ryan on the kids, the kids, the kids. Notice how he dances around every question until the very end of the interview where he tells the shocking truth.

Ryan focuses on the kids but what he forgets is that chain migration brings extended family who will also be coming to the US if they get amnesty for DACA. This will make the number of illegals who get amnesty explode. Plus, it will be an incentive for more and more illegals to come hoping for the same amnesty.
This is all about cheap labor and votes…BOTH parties are in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and lobbyists who want cheap labor.

MARK LEVIN WEIGHED IN: DACA amnesty is how Dems will DOMINATE future elections

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Mark Levin argued that you simply cannot grant amnesty to illegal immigrants before addressing border security. Cannot. Period. End of story.

Levin made his point by reading two articles. First was a piece by Mickey Kaus, “Don’t buy into all of that rosy PR about DACA.” This article identifies several problems with the liberal narrative on so-called “Dreamers,” and points out that the consequences of amnesty for some illegal immigrants now would inevitably lead to amnesty for millions more of legal immigrants later.

Levin shared Daniel Horowitz’s Thursday piece on Conservative Review, “Trump’s GOP amnesty will bring in millions of … Democrat voters.” Horowtiz’s point is that Trump and the Republicans are inviting GOP electoral suicide by entertaining amnesty – a point Trump himself made in 2013!

No DACA! Build a wall! Put Americans first!

The Democrats are such liars. They go from Obamacare to wanting single payer then DACA to amnesty. Why are the rights of non-citizen invaders put before legal Americans? That’s the question to ask every Democrat. The answer would be VOTES! Unreal!

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