Democrats’ version of democracy, if you don’t like the outcome you just change the electorate.

Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves again to admonish the Biden administration’s efforts to flood America with illegal foreigners and to inform the American people about the sinister plot.

Democrats under the Biden administration, are six months into a human smuggling operation, whose goal is to dilute the citizen demographic with foreign-born newcomers.  So confident that the newly arriving illegal invaders will vote exclusively Democratic, the administration is flying them in by the plane-load on commercial aircraft out of Laughlin Airforce Base in Texas. The migrants are then bussed to unknown locations into the interior of the country.

This is not a humanitarian effort, as Tucker points out, and they’re not doing it “to improve the country or the lives of the people who come here. But to flood the United States with loyal new Democratic voters, so that America becomes a one-party state in perpetuity.” 


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Tucker says “the goal of the operation is to resettle illegal immigrants throughout the country, throughout the interior, without the knowledge or permission of the people who live in those places; otherwise known as the public, the voters, they can’t know.”  Tucker also claimed that both the Pentagon and ICE were contacted, and both were forced to admit it was happening.

Mr. Carlson asserted that “a senior administration official has confirmed to Joe Simonson of the Washington Free Beacon, that a new flood of migrants from around the world is on the way.”

In a stunning revelation, Tucker reports that “the official said the white house is about to suspend title 42,” which he explained as “a regulation that’s been used by the CDC to block migrants from entering this country, on public health grounds,” sarcastically adding, “like during a pandemic for example.”  Carlson cracks, “turns out covid isn’t a big deal when foreigners have it and bring it to this country. Its fine and you’re a racist if you think otherwise.” So, Tucker says, “they’re repealing the rule. Once that happens, the administration expects an even bigger wave on our border, and then at some point in your neighborhood,” adding, “cause they’ll be flown at your expense there.”

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Tucker ends his diatribe by asking, “Do republicans know this? Of course they do! Do they care? That’s an open question.”

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