Last night, Tucker Carlson Tonight was on fire, calling out the panic of Canadian “lawmakers” over the government’s loss of control of the growing nationwide trucker strike. In an earlier article reported by 100 Percent Fed Up, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Provincial Premier Doug Ford began threatening draconian penalties for the truckers if they did not immediately depart the numerous protest locations. Tucker made the obvious conclusion that the government tyrants are now really afraid.

Working-class people have had enough! And the tyrants are displeased that the serfs/deplorables are acting up. The international effect of the Truckers for Freedom movement is now becoming apparent—and that has them scared to death. With 18 wheel trucks stacked up over the busiest international border crossing between the US and Canada, they have shut down the economy, and this has caused Justin Trudeau and other Canadian officials to take even more authoritarian measures, like threatening to remove the trucker’s children from them and stealing their fuel/firewood.

Of course, the iron-fisted tactics of Trudeau and friends only caused thousands of Canadians to clear out their nearest Canadian Tire Store of all the “Jerry Cans” and then descend upon Ottawa to refuel the Truckers.

But that’s not all…

Earlier in the week, the Canadian government attempted to steal a total of $9 Million from the truckers through a GoFundMe account through an unenforceable court order [which has failed]. GiveSendGo, a Christian fundraising platform, offered their services, and within 48 hours, millions more were raised for the truckers. When GiveSendGo was ordered to shut down their account, they bravely stood up to the Ontario government and told them to pound sand.

A few days ago, I wrote an article calling out the Ottawa “Police,” who appeared to act more like the East German Stasi. At 8:00 into the video, Tucker’s reports on the actual tactics used by the East German Stasi now being deployed by the Ontario Provincial Police [OPP]. This is truly a frightening prospect because unless these despicable tactics aren’t stopped right now, the trend toward further OPP “Stasi” type control will turn Canada into a literal police state.

In an epic summary of the Trucker’s fight for freedom last night, Tucker ripped into the feckless Canadian leaders like Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford, as he concludes, “in 2020, the Stasi are chirpy!” But the popular Fox News host really nailed it when he explained what’s behind the trucker’s protest and why so many people around the world are behind them. “They’re not tired of the virus; they’re tired of the people who used the virus to give themselves more power!” Carlson told his viewers


Michigan “Governor” Gretchen Whitmer wasn’t about to be out “Stasi’d” by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police). The half-wit governor of Michigan threatened physical violence against the peaceful trucking convoy on the Michigan side of the border as reported on  CNN or Communist News Network (at 9:00 minute mark of Tucker’s show). Ironically, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Whitmer, with help from her lawless Attorney General Dana Nessel, almost single-handedly destroyed Michigan’s economy, countless lives, and thousands of businesses with her unscientific lockdowns.

On Saturday, there will likely be a showdown on the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Canada. Anyone who values their inalienable God-given Constitutional Rights should want to support these brave truckers who have taken a stand and are risking it all for Freedom. The time to get behind them is NOW.


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