Tucker strikes again! His description of Biden’s speech about Afghanistan and his overview of the “slippery creatures” in the Biden administration is spot on.

Tucker Carlson discussed the Americans left behind in Afghanistan during his commentary, including two dozen American kids from California who are somewhere in the Taliban-controlled terror state.

Carlson calls Biden’s effort to take a victory lap today during his speech on Afghanistan “weird”…We couldn’t agree more.

Tucker called Biden’s speech “demented” and then discussed the failure by the Biden administration to get all Americans out of Afghanistan. He went on to say we “armed the Taliban” too. And that was a great success?

The Biden regime wants to give the Taliban more aid…At this point, Tucker says “whenever you think we’ve reached peak insanity, Biden doubles down.”

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Tucker gets to the point when he says, “The Biden administration is not going to admit anything” and calls out the Biden regime for not being held accountable for their failure…

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Biden’s speech:


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