It finally happened last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Two rioters were killed and one wounded.

This was bound to happen at some point with looting and destruction happening nightly and zero pushback.  The mayor is a Democrat who has done nothing about the looting, so it’s up to citizens to do everything they can to protect themselves and their businesses.

Drew Hernandez reports that local business owners and other citizens were out last night protecting their businesses from vandals and looters. Two videos below show people on the ground and on the rooftops trying to stop the looting and burning:

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On the rooftops:

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The only businesses that have survived the unbridled anarchy and complete destruction are the ones where there were armed people standing guard.

According to reports from Drew Hernandez, a man who was protecting a car dealership from being destroyed was surrounded and threatened with a molotov cocktail (video below). Video just before the shooting shows rioters damaging cars:

It appears as though a molotov cocktail was thrown at the shooter before he opened fire:

According to Drew Hernandez and in the video below, the rioters were planning on torching the car dealership prior to the shooting:

The armed man shot a rioter in the head (video below). and then was chased down the street by a group of men. He was attacked and fell to the ground when he started shooting the attackers. The man that was shot in the arm was carrying a Glock in his hand, as seen in graphic photos after the shooting. Another rioter assaulted the armed man with a skateboard to the head.

The man opened fire on the rioters attacking him:

Before the shooting, things got heated: “You’re gonna learn tonight.”

Several men stood guard at a gas station last night:

Police tried to disperse the crowd with tear gas:

If the Democrats who were elected to keep the peace had protected the city of Kenosha, none of this would have happened. Instead, they did nothing to stop the destruction and violence. President Trump wanted to provide the city with more National Guard, but the governor refused the help.

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