Two more vaccinated Texas Democrats have tested positive for the coronavirus after fleeing their state for DC last week. This brings the total number of Texas Democrats to come down with covid to five. The five will now have to isolate for 10 days. The Democratic Caucus is keeping the names of those who tested positive confidential. Democrat Rep. Celia Israel texted that she believes this is a “sacrifice” for democracy.

The group of about 58 Democrats left Texas to avoid a quorum needed to vote on an election integrity bill in the Texas State Senate.

VP Kamala Harris met with the group last week to praise them for running away from their duties in Texas. On Sunday, Harris coincidentally went to Walter Reed for a “routine checkup”…Senators Schumer and Warren also met with the group.

The selfie the Democrats took on the private plane has caused many to question why they weren’t wearing masks.

Three Democrats had previously tested positive for covid:

Tim Swain let the maskless Democrats who ran away from their obligations in Texas have it on Twitter. His series of tweets about how some of the runaway Dems now have covid is priceless. He announced the news and then ripped into the Democrats for their hypocrisy. He points out that the Democrats met with Kamala Harris and Chuck Schumer and asks if they will need to be quarantined for 10 days. This also blasts the White House talking point from yesterday that the unvaccinated are killing people.

“Rules for thee but not for me.” – Tim Swain

BREAKING: Three of the Texas Democrats who fled the state this week and did not wear masks on a private plane have tested positive for COVID-19 in D.C.

UPDATE: All 3 members are fully vaccinated. The names of the 3 members have not been released. This is just amazing. Rules for thee but not for me. Karma. Texas Republicans are going to win big in 2022! Follow me to keep updated!

REMINDER: Texas Democrats met with Senator Schumer & Kamala Harris. 10 days of isolation?

Oh! And Texas Democrats are LITERALLY killing people.

Was it the Miller Lite?

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