A Texas man recorded an incredible exchange between himself and a health care worker tasked with administering a life-saving injection of monoclonal antibodies to treat COVID.

“So I’m not gonna be able to get it today?” the white male patient asked.

“Mm-mm,” [no] the health care worker replied.

“Because I don’t qualify?”

“Yep,” she responded.

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“What if I like, smoked or vaped—I heard that was a…? he asked

“No—negative,” she responded.

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“But if I were Black and Hispanic,” he asked.

“That’s right,” she answered.

“Then I’d be able to qualify?” the white male asked.

“Yep,” she responded again.

“So, I’m being denied medical service because of my race?” he asked, laughing.

“That’s the criteria,” she answered, adding, “That’s what I do. I go around and make sure everyone meets the criteria. That was the criteria that was set forth. If you were 65, you’d be good—but nope— you’re healthy and no medical conditions, so research shows that you should be able to fight off COVID.”

She [somewhat] explained, “Maybe it’s for someone else it might preclude them from—would make them a little more susceptible to being worse for COVID. Any questions?”

A friend of the white male in the video followed up his report by placing a call to the Texas Infusion Hotline. The friend asked the person who answered the hotline if it’s true they’re not giving monoclonal antibodies to White people. Initially, he was told “no,” but as the conversation continued, the representative on the hotline admitted that being white was not considered a risk factor, so yes, if his friend is healthy and White, he would indeed, be placed at the back of the line for treatment against COVID-19 infection.



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