First, they took away their citizen’s legal right to own guns. Now they want to come into your homes and dull your kitchen knives, making them as useful to cut meat and chicken as a plastic knife used in kids play kitchens.  When will the left see that taking away a certain type of weapon won’t stop a criminal from harming innocent people? First of all, they won’t comply, and secondly, if they did comply, they would simply move to another type of weapon. It wasn’t so long ago that we’ve forgotten about the Tsarnov brothers, two immigrants used a pressure cooker at the Boston Marathon to kill 3 people and injuring 260 more, including for many, the loss of limbs.

The arguments being made for knife confiscation in the UK are eerily similar to the calls by the left in America to disarm its citizens.

A Metropolitan police report released last month indicated that between 2014 and 2016 the number of children carrying knives in London schools rose by almost 50%, while the number of knife offences in London schools rose by 26%. The Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, called it a “wake-up call”.

In October, the Sentencing Council published draft guidelines for stiffer sentences for people carrying knives. Chief Constable Alf Hitchcock, who leads the National Police Chiefs Council taskforce on knife crime, told the London Evening Standard in early March that the “peak age” for carrying knives is “getting younger”, and is currently between 13 and 17. “You’ve got a group of people probably being influenced by their siblings, by their peer group, and carrying, which is not a good trend,” he said. In Manchester, parents of a 14-year-old were ordered to pay £1,000 to a boy their son stabbed several times outside school. During a month-long amnesty in Surrey, police collected 237 knives, which will be used, along with knives collected by police across the country, in a 27ft sculpture called Knife Angel, which may yet adorn the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

When politicians and officials seek to pre-empt public indignation by making statements about wake-up calls and warning lights, it is a sign that something unacceptable is unfolding, which they lack either the will or the ability to address.

The answer to Fola’s mother’s question – “How many more of our children have to die before the government act?” – is both damning and complex. Many more children will die from knife-related violence; indeed, four more have been stabbed to death since she posed it. But it is not because the government and related agencies are not acting. Pretty much every week, somewhere in the country, there is some kind of initiative to tackle “knife crime”’ – an amnesty, a new charity in the name of the fallen, an appeal from police, a mayoral statement. –The Guardian

A judge in the UK believes he has the solution to knife crime…

The Telegraph is reporting that a judge has proposed a nationwide program to file down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country’s soaring knife crime epidemic.

Last week in his valedictory address, retiring Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge spoke of his concern that carrying a knife had become routine in some circles and called on the Government to ban the sale of large pointed kitchen knives.

Latest figures show stabbing deaths among teenagers and young adults have reached the highest level for eight years, and knife crime overall rose 22 percent in 2017.

In the past two months, he said, there have been 77 knife-related incidents in Bedfordshire, including three killings.

Office for National Statistics figures published in February revealed 215 fatal stabbings had been recorded by police in the 12 months to March 2017.

Judge Madge told the assembled  judges, barristers, and court staff: “These offenses often seem motiveless – one boy was stabbed because he had an argument a couple of years before at his junior school.”

Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge

He said laws designed to reduce the availability of weapons to young would-be offenders had had “almost no effect”, since the vast majority had merely taken knives from a cutlery drawer.

He said: “A few of the blades carried by youths are so-called ‘Rambo knives’ or samurai swords. They though are a very small minority.

“The reason why these measures have little effect is that the vast majority of knives carried by youths are ordinary kitchen knives. Every kitchen contains lethal knives which are potential murder weapons.

“Accordingly, it is very easy for any youth who wants to obtain a knife to take it from the kitchen drawer in his home or in the home of one of his friends.”

As a result – said the judge – the most common knife a youth will take out is eight to ten inches, long and pointed, from his mother’s cutlery tray.

He asked: “But why we do need eight-inch or ten-inch kitchen knives with points?

“Butchers and fishmongers do, but how often, if at all, does a domestic chef use the point of an eight-inch or ten-inch knife? Rarely, if at all.”

“Acknowledging that any blade could cause injury, the judge pointed out “slash wounds are rarely fatal.”

So, he said: “I would urge all those with any role in relation to knives – manufacturers, shops, the police, local authorities, the government – to consider preventing the sale of long pointed knives, except in rare, defined, circumstances, and replacing such knives with rounded ends.

“It might even be that the police could organize a programme whereby the owners of kitchen knives, which have been properly and lawfully bought for culinary purposes, could be taken somewhere to be modified, with the points being ground down into rounded ends,” he said.

The judge is likely envisioning a scenario that would look like this: 

UK Government: “Knock…knock”

Criminal: “Who’s there”

UK Government: “The government. We’re here to dull the blades on your knives and round the tips, so you can’t stab anyone with them.”

Criminal: “No problem, I’ll be right there with all of my knives. I appreciate you stopping by to help put an end to the violence.”


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