Democrat New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, like Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel have something in common—they’re activists first and the state’s chief law enforcement officers second. Both radical female Democrats boldly use their power as a tool to punish political enemies and they don’t even try to hide it. Many times, these activist Democrat attorney generals win their elections after their campaigns are flooded with funds from leftist billionaires like George Soros, and then use their elected office to punish anyone who opposes their radical agenda.

Letitia James openly campaigned on the promise of destroying a sitting President if New Yorkers would vote for her. She made no secret about her desire to destroy President Trump if she was elected as New York’s next attorney general.

NYP – On Tuesday, NY AG Letitia James made good on her promise. The NY AG filed a motion seeking a court order to compel the three Trump family members to appear for sworn testimony as required by subpoenas that have been issued to the Trumps by her office.

The attorney general’s action came in response to an earlier motion filed by Trump and the two children to quash the interviews with the AG’s office.

In 2019, James’ office opened up the investigation into the Trump Organization after former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen testified that Trump exaggerated the value of the companies’ assets to obtain better terms for loans and insurance policies.

While the investigation is ongoing, James said Tuesday that the probe has so far determined that the Trump organization allegedly used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations for financial gain.

At the center of the AG office’s preliminary findings are annual financial statements sent to Trump Organization insurers.

The Trump family members are not sitting back and waiting to have their business and reputations destroyed by some second-rate, hack activist without fighting back.

On December 20, CNN reported – President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have sued New York Attorney General Letitia James, asking for a federal court to halt or limit her office’s ongoing investigations.

The lawsuit, which comes on the heels of James’ office seeking to depose Trump as part of its civil fraud investigation into the Trump Organization, also seeks to enjoin James’ involvement in any civil or criminal actions against the former President or his company.

The suit, filed in federal court in Northern New York Monday, accuses James of misconduct, claiming she has abused her investigatory powers to target her political adversaries and advance her career.

Eric Trump, who is usually more reserved, came out swinging at James on his Instagram account with a brutal video showing Letitia James campaigning on her promise to destroy President Trump.

“The days of this president are numbered,” James promises to a crowd of supporters while campaigning for NY AG.


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Eric Trump is asking for those who support his dad and their family to continue to share evidence, including videos of the crooked AG promising to destroy a sitting President of the United States while he was still in office.

Eric Trump wrote:

This is not the United States Legal System – this is third-world prosecutorial misconduct. Promising to target a political opponent and their family before even entering office – it’s hard to believe this is America. Letitia James may go down as the most politically corrupt Attorney General in New York history.

Stay Tuned… we have sued her for her unethical behavior and a judge will see every one of these videos, her viciousness and the pure malice of her actions and statements.

More to come: Tomorrow may just be a video of James ad-libbing the song “I will survive” while interjecting hate speech about Donald Trump…. very common for the top law enforcement official in the State of New York.

This garbage erodes Americans’ confidence in the legal system and it will stop. Thank you to everyone who has sent videos of her – we seem to get new ones almost every day.

 The Trump family is not going to roll over and let a lawless bully with too much power destroy them without a fight.

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