Cokie Roberts lays bare her disdain for Trump in insane MSNBC  interview where she accuses him of causing children to bully other children because of his policies. Nevermind that the policies she’s refering to, like building a wall to protect our nation could actually save the lives of our children. Who has time for facts when you’re on a mission to keep reckless progress policies alive in America.

‘B…b..b..but what about the children?”asks this second rate, has-been Democrat cheerleader.  Donald responds, “I talk about deporting people who are here illegally.” Cokie demand Trump responds to her ridiculous accusation, “But what about the children Mr. Trump, what about what the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it?” Trump responded, “Well I think the people are responding very positively.” Cokie is obviously frustrated by her inability to take him down and uses her best admonishing voice, “THE CHILDREN I ASKED!”

Watch here:

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