United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is receiving criticism for the company’s use of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) to hire employees.

In a June 2021 interview with Axios, Kirby explained he wanted the company to fulfill a DEI quota in their United Aviate Academy.

“Today, only 19 percent of our pilots at United Airlines are women, or people of color, and by the way from all the data I’ve seen that’s the highest of any airline in the country,” Kirby said.

Kirby was asked how United Airlines could raise the bar to meet its quota.

“One of the things we do is for every job when we’re doing an interview, we require women and people of color to be involved in the interview process,” he said.


“We’re purpose driven and action oriented in building a culture of greater inclusion and belonging to better reflect the diversity of the communities we serve,” United Airlines writes on its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in action page.

Comedian Rob Schneider poked fun at United Airlines’ DEI hiring practices during a skit.


“Is there a single US based airline that is not using DEI in their hiring practices for pilots & people involved with caring for large objects moving 600 mph at 36,000 feet? I’d love to give them all of my business! A rating/booking agency letting us know & choose based on that, like seat choices, would be amazing as well. Despite their virtue signaling, I imagine all the most insane liberals would likely also want to know and plan accordingly,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

Infowars reports:

DEI in the aviation industry has been a topic of great interest over the past few months, as more people realize their lives are being put in the hands of pilots who might not have the proper experience on the flight deck.

A viral social media post on the subject last week purportedly made by an airline pilot claimed DEI is being implemented slowly and that soon older more experienced pilots will retire and leave incompetent DEI hires in charge.

“As those guys retire and their numbers drop too low to stop the True Blue DEI believers, every flight will be a roll of the dice and eventually there will be one with two defective DEI pilots in the cockpit,” the post predicted, adding, “Pray for the people on that flight; they’re going to need it.”

“The DEI scourge will not end until a plane flown by unqualified ‘diverse’ pilots slams into a mountainside and kills everyone on board. Just pray you don’t end up with the unlucky ticket,” commented the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

In addition to boasting about DEI hiring practices, Kirby reportedly dresses in drag during his spare time.

Libs of TikTok posted photos to X of the United Airlines CEO dressed as a drag queen.


This is Scott Kirby, the CEO of @united. He likes to dress up in drag. United hired a drag queen to be their CEO and now United has turned their focus to incorporating drag into their business and sponsoring drag shows,” Libs of TikTok wrote.





Images from Libs of TikTok X Post

From The Post Millennial:

The United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby who went viral for championing DEI measures for pilots at the company is also a drag queen in his spare time.

In photos revealed by Libs of TikTok, Kirby is seen dressed in drag and other events sponsored by the company had queens attending.

The bombshell comes just as a video of Kirby in an interview with Axios talking about DEI measures the company has been implementing has gone viral.

Kirby responded to a question about DEI measures at the company saying, “We have committed that 50 percent of the classes will be women or people of color.”

Meet Maya Tallman, a man pretending to be a woman who’s a pilot and runs a newly formed DEI Committee for @united. He sent a letter to employees about how excited he is to incorporate DEI into @united. Pray United is focused on safety just as much as they’re focused on diversity,” Libs of TikTok wrote Monday.


Image from Libs of TikTok X Post

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