After Ivy League Columbia University was sued last week, there is another major American college being sued by a student claiming the online courses aren’t up to par. With college campuses closed during the coronavirus crisis, the new way to experience college is via virtual classes. That’s just not working out for students like an architectural major at Miami, who says she “lost the benefit of the education for which they paid” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The University of Miami architectural student filed a class-action suit saying online classes have been “subpar in practically every aspect, from the lack of facilities, materials, and access to faculty.”

She also says she’s “unable to participate in model making” and “unable to receive in-person feedback from instructors.”

TMZ reports that the architecture major says she’s paid tuition and also paid miscellaneous fees: a student center fee, a wellness center fee, an activity fee, an athletic fee, and a health and counsel center fee.  She says she can’t get the full benefit because she’s not on campus.

She feels that ultimately the University of Miami “has improperly retained funds for services it is not providing.”

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Students at Michigan State, Purdue, Drexel and Liberty universities have also been suing for similar reasons.

Is this a trend? Should families paying $40k and up for college tuition ask for a partial refund?

What will incoming freshman do if they plan on going to a college in the Fall that will still be online? Parents paying $40k and up will be paying for online courses without any college experience.

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