The cleansing of our history and Southern heritage continues with the removal of the statue of Jefferson Davis from a prominent place on the University of Texas campus. The judge who ruled against the group trying to keep the statue on campus is so wrong on this one. We’ve become so focused on being politically correct that it’s gone overboard with idiotic decisions like this. The fact that people might associate RACISM and DISCRIMINATION with the statue is the reason it was moved. Unreal!
TEXAS – A statue of Jefferson Davis has been removed from its place on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin after a failed appeal by a Confederate heritage group.

Crews could be seen Sunday morning removing the statue of the Confederate president from its place near the university’s iconic clock tower.

University President Greg Fenves recently said the statue would be moved to a museum.


The statue has been a target of vandalism as well as criticism that it is a symbol of racism and discrimination. Confederate symbols nationwide are being re-considered following the recent mass shooting of members of a black church in Charleston, South Carolina. A judge last week ruled against the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which sued to stop the university from moving it.

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