More information about the tragic Buffalo shooting which took 10 lives Saturday afternoon

In additional to the ten murdered victims, three others were shot during the mass shooting event in Buffalo, New York, Saturday afternoon. Eleven out of all thirteen shot were black, and one of the dead was a retired Buffalo Police Officer.

The arrest of the suspected Buffalo shooter

The suspect, 18-years-old, in custody drove several hours and 200 miles to reach the Tops supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood where he opened fire. The “n-word” can be seen written on his gun and he was wearing tactical gear as he livestreamed his slaughter.

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York are investigating the case, while the Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says that the shooter can be charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder as early as Saturday night.

“This was pure evil, it was straight up a racially motivated hate crime,” said the Erie County Sheriff John Garcia.

This tragedy, which appears to indeed be racially motivated, is made all the more heinous by the livestreaming of the bloodshed through the popular streaming site Twitch.

Additionally, the shooter is alleged to have released over 100 pages of a manifesto which has been circulating on the app Discord.

Here, you can see the suspected shooter, who was wearing tactical gear including a Kevlar helmet and body armor, being arrested outside the scene of the grisly massacre.


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