The America taxpayer has given the American University of Afghanistan an astounding $160 million to help educate students the Biden regime have now deserted.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, a university that once gave hope of a brighter future to students, especially female students, has now been turned over to the Taliban, along with the identities of the students and their families, as well as their passports, leaving them with no hope of survival.

Students received an email from the university telling them to prepare for evacuation, but when Biden couldn’t get the situation around the perimeter of the airport under control and 13 US military members were slaughtererd by terrorists, the plan was scrapped and the students were sent home. The next day, the students hopes were lifted when they were told to go to a safe house, where they would be transported to a plane, but the plan was abruptly called off as plans to evacuate them were called off.

The New York Times reports – “They told us: we have given your names to the Taliban,” said Hosay, a 24-year-old sophomore studying business administration who was on the bus on Sunday. “We are all terrified, there is no evacuation, there is no getting out.”

Hosay earned a scholarship that covered half of her tuition. She wanted to get an M.B.A. and start an all-female engineering firm.

When the Taliban took over Kabul on Aug. 15, one of the first sites the group captured was the sprawling, modern American University campus. Men in traditional Afghan outfits swinging AK-47 rifles brought down the university flag and raised the flag of the Taliban, according to student and social media photos.

The Taliban posted a picture of themselves on Twitter, where conservatives are banned, but terrorists regularly communicate. The message from the Taliban read: “Here wolves were trained in sheepskin against the Muslim ummah and the religion of Islam.”

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They were promised help from the United States—they didn’t get it. Their names and the names of family members were given to the Taliban by the United States, and now they are trapped in the Islamic hell-hole of Afghanistan. One can only imagine the outrage if President Trump was behind the wholly incompetent evacaution of an untold number of innocent Americans, Afghan allies, including women, and children and students behind.

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