This morning,  I stumbled upon a heartbreaking tweet from a veteran reaching out to strangers for help and asking people to take time to “reach out to vets!” who are struggling right now.

“Reach out to Vets! Many are in very dark places right now, I know because I’m there…”

Here are just a few of the over 1.5K incredible responses to US vet Leo Martin’s tweet:

Don’t give in….. You are here for a reason, there is a purpose. And ending your life is not the answer.

Here if you need an ear to bend, brother. I fight my demons every day and night too.

I am so sorry you are going through this, Leo! My son is going through the same thing. He is handling it very poorly. He’s stuck in a bottle.
I’m just a stranger on Twitter. I don’t know you but I love you. Everyday I try to thank the men & women who served & are serving. I appreciate and ty so much.
From a former p.o. and USMC M.P. SGT…..Reach out if you need to talk it out, OR if you just need someone to listen. There are many here who share the space with you. I/We stand with the brothers and sisters in service….
Sending hugs and prayers your way…I know how crushed I feel at what is happening to our country, I couldn’t even BEGIN to imagine how betrayed and disgusted I would feel if I were a veteran!
LEO and former combat veteran responded to veteran Leo Martin by letting him know he was available and willing to speak with him at any time.

Veterans across America are reeling over Joe Biden’s disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, leaving many to wonder why they risked life and limb for a war that ended with Americans leaving Americans, Afghan allies, and $85 billion in military equipment to Taliban.

A recent Politico article warned of the concern by veterans groups of an increase in veteran suicides over Biden’s botched exit. “We should monitor suicides and see if we see an uptick,” Veterans Affairs chief of staff Tanya Bradsher wrote in Aug. 15 memo to senior officials “The news is triggering.”

So, what is Joe doing to help veterans in distress? He’s calling on Congress to provide an astounding $6.4 billion to resettle Afghans, many of whom have already been identified as terrorists.

On Tuesday morning, Biden asked Congress to authorize $6.4 billion for Afghan resettlement efforts.

USA Today – White House officials also requested “at least $10 billion” for recovery efforts from Hurricane Ida, and an additional $14 billion for other recent natural disasters – including Hurricanes Laura and Delta from last year.

Shalanda Young, acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, made the budget request Tuesday, less than four weeks before the current 2021 fiscal year ends Sept. 30. Together the requests total more than $30 billion.

Retired SF Medic (Green Beret) “JR” tweeted about his disgust for Joe Biden and his request to give “$68 Grand per-refugee” adding that it’s “More than my yearly salary!” He concluded by sharing a sentiment that seems to be the consensus with veterans across America, “Biden is SERIOUS about taking a dump on every Vet that served the USA”

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