This is Utah!

A young child had her headscarf pulled off by a refugee student. The case was investigated and it turns out it was a bullying incident and not a case of Islamophobia. Why was there a big press conference with this young girl?

As it turns out, a group called Refugee Justice League wants all schools to adopt model policies for religious beliefs and used this particular case to promote it. A representative for the school system pushed back by telling the truth about the fact that this wasn’t religious but just a boy being a boy. In fact, both students are refugees:

“In this particular case, it was not carried out by a group of students. It was carried out by one young boy. In this particular case, it was not deemed to be an act of religious harassment despite the assertions of this group. This was a 9-year-old acting like a 9-year-old.”

The young girl is a refugee from Iraq. Her comments at the press conference are sad and disturbing:

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“A woman who doesn’t wear the hijab is most likely to get sexual assault & abuse than a woman that does wear it because she covers up.”

Look around! There are plenty of women in the US who do not wear a headscarf and are not sexually assaulted. This young girl must see this all around her but might not have assimilated to her new life in America after moving from Iraq. Where is this coming from? Mom? It’s sad that she is going to go through life fearful for no reason.

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Is this a case of those in charge bending over backward so they don’t appear to be Islamophobic?

Is this a cultural difference? Is Sharia at work here?

What young girl would think that she will be sexually assaulted if she doesn’t wear a headscarf? This is really unbelievable.

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