The laws don’t apply to the Clinton’s…they’re just for the “Everyday Americans”…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus (known as the “Scooby Van”) reportedly led reporters on a high-speed chase Monday, breaking several traffic laws in the process.

Among those chasing the van were reporters with the UK tabloid Daily Mail. “If police radar had been engaged, however, it would have clocked Hillary’s signature black conversion van… hitting 92 mph in a driving rainstorm on Interstate 89, where the top speed limit is 65,” writes Daily Mail U.S. Political Editor David Martasko.

Later in the day, the van later hit 73 in a 55 mph zone on its way to Claremont, New Hampshire. According to the Daily Mail, at no point did anyone in Clinton’s motorcade display flashing lights or a siren. (WATCH: Desperate Media Gaggle Chase Down Hillary’s Van Like Crazed Beatles Fans)

Video courtesy of UK Daily Mail


The reason for all these high-speed races? Clinton was visiting a number of politically-connected New Hampshirites in non-public events, including former New Hampshire state Senate President Sylvia Larsen and an aide to Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Via: Daily Caller

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