Hours before the Senate voted and during the vote on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Democrats delivered drama and outright temper tantrums on the Senate floor. It was pathetic…

Democrat after Democrat stormed out after voting against Judge Barrett. Several of them walked up to the front of the room and did a “John McCain” by giving a big thumbs down to vote no.

Americans on Twitter took notes and condemned the childish behavior of Senate Democrats:

At the 30:20 point in the video below, the vote begins and Democrats begin their tantrum:


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The vote was 52-48 to confirm Judge Barrett with Susan Collins of Maine voting no.

Senator Chuck Schumer followed the theme of Joe Biden’s “dark winter” by saying: “one of the darkest days…”


Two hours before the vote, Democrats suddenly brought up a bill to delay the vote on Judge Barrett:

Democrats’ attempted delay antics over the last seven-plus days were absurd. After they voted to block COVID relief multiple times & tried to adjourn the Senate entirely, Dems suddenly brought up a completely unrealistic “relief” bill to delay the #SCOTUS vote. Pure theatrics.

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