Joe Biden made an appearance today at a truck plant in Macungie, Pennsylvania. He spoke to the crowd of tens, and as always, he gaffed numerous times. Three specific instances are below and reveal just how forgetful Biden has become.

With Biden, it’s all about stretching the truth by making things up. He also misremembers important facts and then tries to cover the mistake up.

In the first video below, he confuses Trump with Obama and then says it was a “Freudian slip”…

In the second video, Biden says there were three reasons he ran for president, but he can’t remember the third one. He uses the tired line…”You think I’m kidding” and “It’s not a joke”…Biden also uses his “Look folks” line and then says, “I think we have a lot in common.”

Biden has used these lines for decades, along with his phony move of rolling up his sleeves. He’s been in politics for nearly 50 years, so it’s doubtful he’s like any of those blue-collar workers. They made their money honestly.


The doozy of all is when he visited a Mack Trucks’ assembly plant in Lower Macungie Township. Biden claimed he used to drive an 18-wheeler…

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