Joe Biden spoke today about the economy and covid trying to sell the trillions in so-called “infrastructure” and trying to get Americans to get the covid vaccination.  He stumbled at times, reading from the teleprompter as he spewed rhetoric to try and sell his plan.

He began by taking a swipe at President Trump by repeating a quote from President Trump. While Biden claimed that capitalism is here to stay, he went on to mention his policies that are government freebies like the Child Tax Credit:

Biden spewed outrageous comparisons on the Child Tax Credit, saying it will help a child take “dance classes” or “play sports”…Huh? That is NOT capitalism. Later in Biden’s speech, he says he will build the economy from the bottom up instead of the trickle-down policy. A bottom-up policy is NOT capitalism.

Biden bragged about how he brought America “back from the brink” and created jobs. He conveniently forgets we were in a pandemic. A monkey could have created jobs after that.

At one point, during questions from reporters, Biden addressed his comments from last week where he said Facebook is “killing people”…

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He says he’s not trying to hold people accountable while is holds people accountable by pushing Facebook to censor them.

“My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally … that they would do something about the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine…”I’m not trying to hold people accountable; I want people to look at themselves …. look in the mirror, think about the misinformation” going to your son/daughter.”

The statements on inflation are laughable. Americans can see inflation and know Biden is lying. This comes as the stock market tanks over fears of a resurgence in covid cases.

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