Barack and Michelle Obama had some unusual “honored guests” meet with them at the White House yesterday in honor of “Black History Month.”

First we had the first government funded (via Eric Holder)Trayvon Martin protests led by the radical Black Panthers group in Florida. Next came the violent riots against cops and non-blacks over the death of thug, Michael Brown that left the town of Ferguson in shreds. On the heels of Ferguson we saw masses of unruly protestors shutting down major bridges in NYC over the death of Eric Garner. NYC will forever be known as the city where the first violent thug, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, took the lives of two law enforcement officers.  The hate and violence against police officers and non-blacks only increased in Baltimore as innocent business owners, like the one in this video, who was doused by lighter fluid and lit on fire by a 14 year old girl inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement (See video HERE).

America’s watched an Asian reporter attacked and bullied by protestors at Univ. of Missouri assigned to covering the ridiculous hunger strike protest against unfair treatment by a student, who it was later discovered is the son of multi-millionaire railroad tycoon.  We’ve watched innocent families in restaurants feel threatened by Black Lives Matter bullies during their #BlackLivesMatterBrunch disruptions.  We’ve watched the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement when they were caught on video, When they shut down an Asian girl after taking to the microphone to recall a story of discrimination she faced by blacks.

The last straw for many was the half-time show during the 2016 Super Bowl featuring Beyonce in a cop-hating, Black Panther promoting disgraceful show. Neither the NFL or our “President” would respond to Americans after the outrage her performance made many in America feel. Instead, our “President” Barack Obama invited some of the top race agitators and Black Lives Matter organizers to our White House where he PRAISED their activity. If this were a novel written eight years ago, no one would have bought it, because it would have been too unbelievable to be true. Sadly, where this “President” is concerned the truth is truly stranger than fiction.

Watch Obama praise their “outstanding” work here: 



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