It’s hard to believe that there is ZERO media coverage on the violence perpetrated by Antifa. Still, then Joe Biden has assured everyone that Antifa is just an ‘idea’ and nothing to be afraid of, right? Yes, the coddling by the media continues with two recent violent attacks by Antifa against conservatives gathering for a conference. The Antifa thugs are completely convinced that free-thinking people are evil and call them “Nazis” (see below) because of their conservative beliefs. The tables have turned so that the left is against debate and discussion and wants to hurt people who disagree with them.

The Western Conservative Conference at the Hyatt Recency was the scene of violence against those who attended the event. Videos below show throngs of Antifa goons attacking people outside the Denver event that featured conservatives like Victor Davis Hanson.

Antifa advertised on Facebook and Facebook refused to take down the post calling for violence against conservatives. The flyer was being passed out in hard copy:

Attacks on innocent attendees were everywhere:

One woman wasn’t having the violence and got out of her car to find the Antifa goon who threw a water bottle at her:

Emily Brooks and Elijah Schaeffer caught some of the violence and posted it to Twitter. Unfortunately, there has been ZERO media coverage on this unprovoked violence. It would be great if Americans could see the truth.


“Nazis in there!”

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