Dan Bongino responded to a video of MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi comparing Trump supporters to a terrorist organization with the best come back!

He said he can’t believe this “analyst” still has a job at MSNBC. This is the second time in a week that this analyst for MSNBC has trashed President Trump (see below) and his supporters on air.

Watch Bongino below rip MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi for his second outrageous moment on air in a week:


The example below is one of a sick individual who happened to be employed at the FBI and is now a talking head on MSNBC as a security analyst. This is now a ‘narrative war’ between anti-Trump forces in the media and the truth.

The man below worked under Robert Mueller and is now spewing hate against the president every time he’s on-air.

It’s not minor slights or just calling President Trump a “racist.”

No, this is full-on conspiracy fear-mongering that is being passed off as fact to anyone watching MSNBC.

A Twitter user named Jason Overstreet posted a video of the former FBI but now MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi spewing a conspiracy theory that President Trump’s use of the word 8 is a sign. Many leftists chimed in after the Figliuzzi video was posted. It’s disturbing to think that this virulent anti-Trump FBI propagandist is pushing a sick conspiracy theory like the one below:

The sound is very low, but please listen to what this man said on national TV:

He says we have to understand the adversary and the significance of the threat. He claims that President Trump is flying flags at half-mast until August 8th (8/8). He says that the “numbers 8/8 are significant in the neo-Nazi and white supremacy movement”. Then he says that the letter H is the 8th letter in the alphabet, so 8/8 is HH or Heil Hitler. 

Some people might dismiss this insanity but leftists like Jason Overstreet believe it…

It doesn’t end there. Mr. Figliuzzi has been nonstop trashing President Trump even calling him the “radicalizer-in-chief” on-air!

This so-called analyst went on MSNBC twice and used the language that equates President Trump to a “Muslim cleric calling for jihad”. He keeps calling the president the “radicalizer-in chief”:

Former FBI Asst. Dir. Frank Figliuzzi was on with Joy Reid and then with Andrea Mitchell spewing his hate towards the president:

“What I was looking for today, Andrea, was for that — that — that radicalizer-in-chief to come out and say I personally rebuke and reject the ideology of hate. I will not stand for this anymore. I do not need or want the support of you or those like you. I didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear the active voice…I heard a passive collective voice of our nation must reject. I didn’t hear him say I, first-person, reject this, and you. That’s what we needed to hear today.”

You have to wonder if this guy is on-air strictly to push extremist conspiracy theories about President Trump. One recent clue is that he had a hissy fit when John Ratcliffe was nominated by President Trump for DNI. He’s a Deep State operative.


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