After Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm (pictured below) proposed a six-week nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly virus, Dr. Fauci objected to the proposal.

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Fauci told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America; it won’t be necessary as long as Americans follow the guidelines of wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands. He also said Americans have “no appetite” for another lockdown. A vaccine is also around the corner.

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Since there is more testing for the coronavirus, there are more reported cases. The media is stoking the fires of fear and has used the coronavirus as a political weapon.

Politicians like Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats saw a great opportunity to weaponize coronavirus to their advantage but now they are being exposed for not knowing what their next step should be in efforts to control the virus. If they shut down the country again, the economy will crash. Americans will not put up with mandates like a lockdown or a mask mandate.

A great example of the cure being worse than the virus is happening in the city of New York, where Mayor de Blasio has implemented new restrictions on restaurants, bars and gyms. Closing bars at 10 pm in NYC is suicide.

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