Jeff Daniels channels his role as ACN’s “Will McAvoy” from HBO’s “The Newsroom” to respond to question about Trump vs Hillary. 

The only problem with Daniels answer is, he’s using two embarrassingly incompetent female leaders in current times to support his belief that America is “ready” for a woman (Hillary) President.

In the video, actor Jeff Daniels mentions German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany has lost their patience with “open borders” Merkel, as she continues to put citizens of Germany at risk by allowing over 1 million mostly male, Muslim refugees to flood the nation of Germany. A poll published on Tuesday shows that just under two-thirds of Germans do not want Merkel to run for office again in elections next year.  He also references Brazil’s female President Dilma Rousseff as a “success” story that America should look at when considering electing a female President. 

Here’s the latest breaking story on Brazil’s female President: Brazil’s once-lauded model of leftist government appeared to come to an abrupt end Thursday, when lawmakers suspended President Dilma Rousseff in an extraordinary repudiation of her administration and the Workers’ Party that has ruled the country for 13 years.

Vice President Michel Temer quickly assumed control of Latin America’s largest country, signaling that he will take Brazil in a more free-market-friendly direction in an attempt to shore up its sagging economy and win over a skeptical public. A member of the centrist PMDB party, Temer introduced a conservative-leaning, all-male cabinet Thursday that swings Brazil toward the right.

For anyone who thinks Jeff Daniels is just “acting” in the video above, watch Daniels share his views on our Second Amendment with over-the-top gun-control advocate Piers Morgan here:

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