Parents and kids across America have had enough of the teacher’s unions delaying schools’ reopening after being shut down due to covid.

Pop-up protests are happening across San Diego County to end virtual learning, aka “Zoom School,” and get kids back in class.

One angry mom is fed up with the lack of movement to get schools up and running. Julie Dennis calls out the teacher’s union for negotiating on their own behalf and not on behalf of the children. “Zoom School” in San Diego County isn’t working for kids. Parents and kids are saying they learn so much better with the in-person school.

“Enough is enough; we need an appropriate education for our kids at school.”

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Kids and parents were interviewed by local news about why they were protesting. Protests popped up all over San Diego County. While schools across America have been back for in-person learning, some blue states are dragging their feet. Seeing the parents and kids out protesting puts the teacher’s union on notice that they need to stop delaying reopening schools.

When kids are protesting to go back to school, it gets the point across!

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