The American public has witnessed the destruction and breakdown of US society over the course of a few short weeks. The BLM rioters have targeted a Catholic prayer rally and numerous Christians parishioners, as previously reported by 100% FED Up. The latest target of the godless left…Christian churches.

This past holiday weekend, the mob targeted a Troy, New York Church. The rioters attacked Christians on the steps of the church and interrupted the sermon screaming “We’re not here for violence,” as they attacked parishioners from the church steps.

Watch the “peaceful protesters” beat church members at Grace Baptist Church attempting to enter the sanctuary:

The godless mob entered the church, disrupted the sermon, and began screaming “Black Lives Matter,” according to Gateway Pundit.

Further, the BLM mob screamed at a young mother carrying a baby and walking with two young children into the church. The BLM rioters have been targeting Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York for several weeks after the church’s AR-15 giveaway. The so-called “peaceful” protestors crying for improvements in African American communities under the persona of “Black Lives Matter,” have hit the peak of hypocrisy targeting blacks attending church.

Grace Baptist Church took to Twitter on Monday afternoon calling its parishioners and supporters to “pray for us.” From major US cities to generational small-businesses and now Christian churches…how far will the godless, radical left go to tear down American society?

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