How did illegals cross the border in a horse trailer without being caught?

Questions are being raised about how a horse trailer full of illegals crossed into California without being apprehended…Is our border that unchecked and open? Is this an illegal caravan that’s been crossing repeatedly? Once these people are treated, will they be immediately deported? We want answers!

A horse trailer carrying at least 18 people who entered the country illegally overturned Saturday on a Southern California highway just north of the border with Mexico, authorities said.


Several people inside the trailer were hurt in the crash near the town of Campo, with injuries described as moderate and minor. The Times of San Diego reported that two had tom be airlifted to hospitals. Six patients were hospitalized, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

A witness told the California Highway Patrol that the two-axle trailer being hauled by a pickup truck began to fishtail and eventually tipped onto its right side along northbound Interstate 8.

A pregnant woman was airlifted to a hospital. When she has her baby in the US, it immediately becomes an American citizen.

A pickup truck pulling a trailer crashed in Southern California on Saturday, injuring more than a dozen people who may have been in the U.S. illegally, according to reports.

Several people scrambled from the trailer after the crash and many ran away into the mountainous area, The Times said. No horses were inside.

After a search of the area authorities were able to round up most, if not all, involved, said Border Patrol Agent Eduardo Olmos. CHP and Cal Fire reported 18 individuals, while Border Patrol said there were 19; the reason for the discrepancy wasn’t immediately known.

“When you have patients who don’t want to be found, who are hiding in rugged terrain, it takes a while for an organized search to locate them, assess them and bring them up to the highway here to be treated or to be placed in custody with the border patrol agents.”

Twelve people were arrested by Border Patrol at the scene. Some were handcuffed together until they were searched and placed into a waiting vehicle.

Border Patrol agents reported that all the individuals were in the country illegally.

Border Patrol officials said the driver of the pickup had not yet been identified and it was unclear if he or she was in custody.

Olmos said it was not yet known where the people made illegal entry into the United States.

How about finding out where this caravan came from and how they crossed the border!

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