The global warming hucksterism in the Obama administration has been going on since the beginning. The former EPA director was big on the environmental justice for minorities. It’s a made up term just like environmental racism. I can’t tell you just how important it is for Americans to pay attention and follow the money on this.
Here’s a video from the last EPA director that’s full of pretty alarming lingo and propaganda:

At the White House Champions of Change Faith Leaders for Climate event, Reverend Al Sharpton told his audience that climate change is a “civil rights issue” because it “disproportionately” affects African-Americans.

“It [climate change] is an issue of justice, and it is an issue of human rights. African-Americans are at a higher risk of being close, or predisposed to areas of carbon, as well as other poisonous pollution in the air. And we have a disproportionate interest because we suffer disproportionately,” Sharpton continued. “You cannot, not deal with climate change as a health issue, as a moral issue, and as a civil rights issue.”

Aka: federally subsidize black communities because they are victim of geo-racism.

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