It’s simple and it’s wrong: The Obama border policy asks ICE agents to disobey federal law. It would be nice if people we’ve elected to Congress would stand up for the LEGAL citizens of America. It’s literally been an invasion from Central America that is now on its second wave. Please pick up the phone and call your ELECTED Congressmen and tell them to do their job! It does make a difference!

During a hearing on ICE oversight on April 14, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) referred to Obama’s statement during a town hall event in February, during which the President said there would be “consequences” for ICE agents who enforce federal immigration laws outside of his mandated enforcement priorities.

Representative Franks then asked Saldana what those consequences would be.

“The president also said, and I know this question was proffered earlier, if somebody’s working for ICE and they don’t follow this policy, there’s going to be consequences for it,” Franks explained. “Have you enforced that? I mean is there, are there consequences for not following that policy?”

“There are consequences for not following the rule of the employee’s status with the agency. I have a whole manual on that — ” Saldana said before being cut off.

“What would the consequences be if someone in the position that required them to follow through with the president’s directives — and again we’ll set the constitutional issue aside for the moment, if the president’s done that then I guess we can do that – what would be the consequences for doing that?” Franks pressed.

“Well, whether it’s that directive, or assaulting an employee in the office, or not abiding by some other rule or policy, the range of punishment can range from anything to a verbal meeting, where you counsel that person, to ultimately what’s available to any employer and that’s termination,” Saldana said.

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