Jesse Watters takes on Anthony Scaramucci over his flip flop on President Trump in a tense back and forth that comes down to Watters telling Scaramucci he’s “being used” by the left.

Watters said he’s “worried” about Scaramucci who was once a staunch supporter of President Trump and has now “done a 180” on his opinion of the president.

It’s obvious that Scaramucci is pushing his agenda and is shameless in doing so…

He’s looking for his last 15 minutes of fame, but Watters wasn’t going to let him off easy.

Watters told Scaramucci, “I think you’re getting used by the media,” after which Scaramucci told Watters he is “in the tank for Trump.”

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Watters denied this was true, countering, “I think that you now have changed because the president has always been like this.”

Bingo! Watters wins this debate!

Could it be that Scaramucci is still mad about Trump letting him go for abusing staff?

If you ask us, his 15 minutes of fame is over!


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