Here we go again…another Biden gaffe!

This time, he doesn’t know what state he’s in.

It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden is the frontrunner in a field of Democrats who seem like Albert Einstein’s compared to “Sleepy Joe”.

In Keene, N.H., former Vice President Joe Biden told a press gaggle that he loves being in Vermont when asked about his time in Keene:

“What’s not to love about Vermont.”

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This is one of many gaffes Biden has had just this week:

It doesn’t get much worse than this latest gaffe from Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden.

He was trying to thank a friend during a speech in Iowa and mangled the words into a classic gaffe.

Listen to ‘Gaffemaster Joe’ on a loop:

Joe Biden thanks his “longfriend timefriend and she’s a friend who’s been a friend in and out of public life.”

There’s more…

Joe Biden’s Melting Brain – The Ultimate Compilation


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