Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris wants the federal government to get involved in the truancy of school students.

The problem is that each state has its own definition of truancy.

Harris wants the Department of Education to take on the truancy problem on a federal level. Harris is blaming “the system” for letting down the kids, but it’s a matter of personal responsibility. It’s up to the individual and not the government to babysit kids.

Harris blames the failed system for why kids end up committing crimes:

“I was talking about this issue when nobody at that level was talking about it…because I know where those children end up. And I know I don’t want to be in the position of prosecuting a case and having that child end up in the criminal justice system when the system failed that child from the beginning, and that was about holding the system accountable.”

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Harris says she sued school districts around how they were treating black and brown kids…Wow! How are the school districts at fault for the children not going to school?

Harris has a tough record on Truancy. As San Franciso DA, she issued citations to parents whose kids were absent more than 50 days.

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