Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron came under attack by BLM activists and the media after saying that “hate and violence progresses nothing” in response to the violence that ensued after the release of the verdict on the Breonna Taylor case. Cameron responded to these vile attacks on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

I’m here tonight to say enough is enough and that black Republicans, folks that believe in the truth, that we’re going to stand up, and that’s what I did [in the Breonna Taylor case]…

BLM activists began to gather near the courthouse early that day and as soon as the verdict was released to the public, things got ugly, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.


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The Louisville police are clashing with mobs of BLM thugs who want to destroy their own city over a decision by a grand jury in the death of Breonna Taylor not to charge the officers with killing Bronna Taylor.

“Burn Louisville” was trending on social media and efforts to escalate the riot are being promoted by the usual suspects like Al Sharpton and Breonna Taylor’s lawyer Ben Crump.

The videos below show arrests of different agitators and then a clash between police and BLM at a parking garage:


Police corner the BLM mob:

A store owner comes out begging and his windows were not broken:

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