Yesterday, the Minnesota governor, Minneapolis Mayor, St. Paul Mayor and officials speaking at a press conference in Minneapolis announced that most of those rioting were from out of state and that they are white supremacists. It was announced hours later that this is not true, but the lie blew up on social media and was being retweeted everywhere. Is the media helping to spread the lie that several Minnesota politicians told yesterday to change the narrative?


Mayor Jacob Frey’s tweet is still on Twitter today, even though this has been proven to be a lie.

When will Twitter take his tweet down?


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Why hasn’t Twitter taken this tweet down? Is Twitter trying to fan the flames with the lies that the left wants to promote? This morning Twitter STILL had the fake news up on their page. The lie is now everywhere even though over 20 hours ago, it was proven false:

Screenshots on the sidebar of Twitter this morning continuing the lie from yesterday when the St. Paul Mayor had backtracked yesterday:

Listen to John Harrington from yesterday. He gives no facts or evidence to prove what he is saying:


Twitter screenshot from this morning:


Yes, this lie was exposed yesterday when hours later, another government official said he had been given the wrong information. Too late. The news had spread like wildfire on social media, instantly changing the narrative that this was a bunch of white people who came to destroy the city of Minneapolis. Of course, this isn’t true because all anyone needs to do is look at the videos and the jail records of arrests. The jail records were examined from May 28th – May 30. The majority of the 122 arrested are from Minnesota.

Local news Fox 9 reported that the St. Paul Mayor backtracked yesterday, but the Local news still has the fake news article on their news website this afternoon:

“Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz says he suspects white supremacist groups and drug cartels are carrying out some of the violence in Minneapolis, but cannot confirm it at this time.”



The lie continues and only divides Americans…There is an agenda here:

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