Bill O’Reilly isn’t my favorite and can be belligerently wrong sometimes but this rant is spot on: “The truth is – we don’t know what happened to Mr. Gray. The same way we did not know what happened in Ferguson, MO,” O’Reilly said, going on to make the point that it is irresponsible for people to make judgments about what happened before all the facts are known.

“The litany of excuse-making is excruciating. The rioters are angry because America’s a country of mass incarceration. People who burn down buildings and loot are just misdirected folks who feel hopeless. And if you feel hopeless, it’s okay to riot. You see – it’s really not the fault of those who commit crimes. It’s the fault of America because we don’t provide jobs for everyone. Instead of pinpointing the real problem, and trying to solve it, you get crazy theories that attempt to provide justification for Americans hurting other Americans. If you can’t make big money – go ahead and sell heroin. No problem!

Here’s the truth. How could anyone provide a job that pays adecent salary to someone who can’t read or write? To someone who can’t speak basic English? To someone who has tattoos all over their body – who’s defiant, disrespectful – doesn’t even want to work because they have a sense of entitlement that says they’re victims and YOU owe me. Does that sound like a good job-seeking resume to you? And don’t tell me those folks don’t exist. They’re legion.

So these politicians – out on the street trying to justify rioting by saying that we don’t provide jobs – are dishonest in the extreme. If you get educated and are willing to work hard – you can get a job. It may not be the best paying job at first, but you work your way up!”


Nearly 100 officers have been hurt since violence broke out in the city on Monday, Baltimore Police said.
Capt. Eric Kowalczyk said Thursday afternoon that more than 40 officers required some sort of treatment at the hospital. Protesters have been throwing bricks, bottles and other items at officers trying to contain demonstrations after the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who suffered critical injuries while he was in police custody.
“I’m Just a Regular Guy From Baltimore”: Amateur Photographer Shot Time’s Poignant Protest Cover
Kowalczyk also said that more than half of the people detained during Monday’s riots have been released without charges. He said 201 people were arrested during the riots and 106 of them were subsequently released after 48 hours because specific charges couldn’t be filed.
He said police are reviewing surveillance footage and expect to charge many of those people once their identities have been confirmed.

MARC THIESSEN: “You’ve got a mayor who is constantly backing off in the face of rioters and looters […] all of the sudden they’re ‘young people who need support.’ The rioters don’t need support. The people of Baltimore need support. The people with their businesses destroyed need support.”


A 51-year-old man was found dead in the cab of a tractor trailer, about a block away from where a crowd of police, protesters and reporters gathered just before the citywide curfew went into effect Thursday night, police said.

The man was not identified, and police labeled his death “suspicious.” Officers found the body, which showed no obvious signs of trauma or foul play, in the 2500 block of Pennsylvania Ave. at about 9:30 p.m., police said.

Meanwhile… Five people were shot in Baltimore Thursday night as the violence in west Baltimore surges.

Police also identified two men who were fatally shot Wednesday in Baltimore:

•Andre Hunt, 28, of the 600 block of Woodgreen Circle was fatally shot in the 3800 block of Liberty Heights Ave.
•Davon William Johnson, 26, was killed in the 500 block of Edgewood St. He lived in the block, police said.

Don’t expect any protests for these two.
Only very few black lives seem to matter.


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