Democrat Elissa Slotkin got a dose of reality when she visited Hartland, Michigan for a Town Hall. She proudly announced she’s on the bandwagon to impeach President Trump and was booed by the crowd:

House Democrat Elissa Slotkin gets booed at a Town Hall in Michigan after announcing she supports impeaching President Trump.

“When you fell off the cliff for me, was when you joined the coup against our President.”

Another voter asked, “What’s the rush with the impeachment?”

Could this be an indication of a pivot by those Centrist Democrats who believe this effort to impeach Trump is bogus?

Slotkin is part of a group of freshmen in Congress who wrote an op-ed about why they want to impeach President Trump. The problem with this is that there is nothing to impeach him on! Slotkin is on record saying that it’s Party before country (see below) for her so that explains her effort to blindly impeach Trump for nothing. It’s for the Party!

Our previous report on Slotkin’s belief that it’s Party before Country:

During Barack Obama’s campaign visit to Detroit last week, Democrat candidate for Congress, Elissa Slotkin had a chance to address the crowd. When it comes to one of the most bizarre campaign stories in Michigan politics, Slotkin’s story takes the cake. Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA analyst who worked under Obama, recently moved into a Holly, MI farm owned by her wealthy family, heirs to the Hygrade Foods Company. The unknown Democrat appears to have been hand-selected by Democrat leadership and funded by mostly out-of-state leftist groups, in hopes of defeating the popular, conservative Congressman Mike Bishop (R). Bishop is a lifetime Michigan resident, who represents the 8th district of Michigan. Slotkin has never paid taxes in Michigan and has never voted in the state where she’s asking for voters to support her…until she voted for herself in the August primary elections.

Slotkin, who was slammed by Senator John McCain for her involvement with the Obama regime’s decision to pull our US troops from Iraq, that allowed ISIS to grow and flourish, was also allegedly involved in Obama’s shady Iran deal that secretly sent over $1 billion in taxpayer dollars to Iranian officials on pallets. The money was later used to fund terrorism.

This short TV ad reveals Slotkin’s involvement in the shady Iran deal:

It wasn’t Slotkin’s failure as a CIA analyst that was in the spotlight this weekend, however, it was something that she said to the Democrat crowd in Detroit that was so revealing, even the Democrats in the audience couldn’t believe she said it, as they shouted repeatedly asking her to correct her statement about Barack Obama.

Watch, as Slotkin explains to the crowd at the Detroit rally that Barack Obama kept her on as a CIA analyst because “He knows what we all know…that it must be Party before country…always…always!” Cheers can be heard coming from the audience…

The extended version of the video clip (below) shows that the cheers heard by the crowd after Slotkin told them that she and Barack Obama agreed that Party must always come before the country, were followed by a frustrated crowd making several attempts to get Slotkin to correct what she just told the audience. Finally, when Slotkin realizes what the crowd is demanding of her, she laughs and says, “I’m like, damn, this is a hard crowd.” To the relief of the audience, Slotkin corrected herself, saying “country before Party.”

Anyone who knows Slotkin’s background with Barack Obama, and his amateur dealings that benefited Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terror, as well as her involvement in allowing ISIS to metastasize in the middle east, probably won’t believe that Slotkin’s words were a “mistake”.


Watch the full version of her controversial remarks here:

It should always be Country before Party! let’s hope slotkin is voted out next time around!

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