Last week, Barack Obama came to the city of Detroit to convince Black Americans who previously relied on Democrats for their existence, to vote for Democrats again. The problem with Obama’s rhetoric this time around, is that he isn’t speaking to the same unemployed Black Americans who didn’t have any job prospects the last time he campaigned in Detroit. He’s now talking to Michiganders who, thanks to President Trump’s amazing economy, and his focus on bringing manufacturing jobs back to a city where Barack Obama said they’d never return, are now living in one of the top ten best states to find a job.

Obama forcefully threw his support behind Democrat candidates running for office in Michigan. America’s first black President begged the mostly black crowd to vote for the 3-term white, do-nothing Senator, Debbie Stabenow over the successful black businessman, and former Army Ranger, John James, who is giving Stabenow a challenge like she’s never seen in the formerly blue state of Michigan.

During the rally, Obama also endorsed Democrat Elissa Slotkin, who moved to her family farm from DC only months before the Democrat primary election, to run against conservative Congressman Mike Bishop, in a district the Dems hope has the potential to flip. Slotkin, who doesn’t own property, never paid taxes in Michigan, and never even voted in the state of Michigan until she voted for herself in the August Democrat primary election, is said to be a Nancy Pelosi plant.  Slotkin is a former CIA analyst, according to Bishop, she who helped Obama to craft the Iran deal that sent a secret shipment of over $100 BILLION in taxpayer dollars to Iranian officials on pallets. The money was reportedly used to fund terrorism.

Elissa Slotkin, who ran away from a question about her involvement in the Iran deal (see video HERE), also slipped up and admitted that Barack Obama kept her on as a CIA analyst “Because he knows what we all know, that it must be Party before country”. After the crowd corrected her, she told them “I was like, damn, this is a tough crowd”. But was it really a faux pas?

That wasn’t the only gaff at the event that was cordoned off with room dividers to make it look like a huge success. While much of the news about the former president’s visit to Detroit, surrounded his angry rants about Trump and his supporters, Obama was also vocal about getting out the vote. Obama even encouraged Detroit Democrats to get out and vote early. The only problem is, Michigan doesn’t have early voting. Maybe Barack Obama knows something we don’t? When it comes to voting irregularities, Detroit doesn’t exactly have a great track record.


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