Presidential candidate Joe Biden has no plans to make a campaign stop today, so he went to his safe space at MSNBC where they toss out softball questions and even complete Biden’s sentences…

Joe Biden was being interviewed by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle when he drew a blank on what he was talking about. The discussion was about coronavirus relief, but Biden suddenly lost his train of thought.

The MSNBC anchor tried to hold off and let Joe find his words, but she finally had to step in and speak up to complete Biden’s thought.

Apparently, it’s now the job of MSNBC to prop up Joe Biden by helping him through interviews.

This comes on the heels of a video from 2016 that went viral yesterday for the rude way Biden treated our troops:

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Joe Biden called a room full of servicemen and servicewomen during a visit with our troops in 2016 “stupid bastards,” and then  in the longer YouTube video below; he said his usual “C’mon man.” Then he insulted the military by saying, “Man, you are a dull bunch…must be slow here, man.” What an arrogant SOB. It’s easy to tell he’s become unfiltered and is losing his sense of appropriateness. We saw it during last year’s campaign stops when he confronted an autoworker in Michigan and when he got in the face of a reporter and repeatedly said, “Why, why, why, why, why…”

The first part of the video is difficult to hear, but when Biden speaks, it’s louder. He brags about how many times he’s been to the Middle East to visit the troops. Then he brags about the two things he’s done in his life. After he mentions his wife and then the servicewoman he says he appointed to the Academy, he gets no applause. This is when he says at the 1:50 point in the video (there is a shorter version below this YouTube video):

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“Clap for that, you stupid bastards”…”C’mon man”…”Man, you are a dull bunch…must be slow here, man.”

The shorter version of the video:

The AP cut out the part in the video below where he says “stupid bastards”:

Is our media underhanded, or what?

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